Highway 2 & Highway 2 Express
Highway 2 image2
Highway 2 map2
Vital statistics
Type 10 Lane Highway
Level 81
Location Around USA
Inhabitants Cars,penguins walking,bikes and scooters

Highway 2 is a 10 lane highway (5 each direction) that cuts though most of USA. Highway 2 Express is an under ground tunnel between Snellville and Half Pipe. The average speed on this highway is about 120 kilometres per hour, faster than Highway 1


In 2005, 5 million (the other 1 million can't drive) penguins were driving to and fro on Highway 1. This caused enormous traffic jams and a immense overload on the Antarctic Express due to the traffic. A new highway had to be built and QUICK! Construction on Highway 2 began in late 2005 and finished on New Year's Eve, 2007.


Highway 21


The exits/entrances in order:



  • Pengolia Exit
  • Highway 1


Antarctic Peninsula

The highway splits into two at this point. One goes to the north towards The Happyface State, and the other one goes south back to South Pole City.

The Happyface State


Cars,penguins walking,bikes and scooters


Hackers, Str00dels, and protesters.

The Tunnel

The Tunnel (now known as highway 2 Express) used to be a proposed highway, linking the northern and southern part of coastal Eastshield.


The old "The Tunnel" sign

When Chub777 decided that it should be called Highway 2 Express and construction began, the construction crew was clouded in a cloud of truck fumes. G made an invention called The Exaust 3000. 200 of these are fitted in the modern tunnel.

They now regret building a tunnel instead of a normal road.


  • Gas
  • Food
  • Hotel

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