Highlaw Island
Highlaw Island image
Map of Highlaw Island
Flag (above) and coat of arms (bellow)
Vital statistics
Type Port Island
Level 40
Location North east of Sub-Antarctic Islands
Inhabitants Penguins,Puffles,lots of Fish

Highlaw Island is a very great Port Island located in the Weddell and belongs to Freezeland. It is trading with most ports in other countries. But since the conflict with Pengolia, the Highlaw Island boats does not trade there. After the split, they trade with East Penglia. It was even said, that Penghis Khan had been so angry on the island, he had nearly destroyed his palace. The inhabitants of this island do not care about that stuff.


Founded by Chub 767 Adelie the 700th on board the SS-Fishy in 1970, his fleet of ships sighted an Island and established a colony. Since this time, the island started prospering, and trading with the USA. Then it had been conquered by Freezeland and made as a part of Weddell. It gave the island more profit, so no conflicts had occured. The Island was quiet until 1997, when Penghis Khan after the visit on the island, realised he lost his Palace Background. A Female penguin general called Bengal had found it. Because there was no proof that it belonged to anyone, she took it. Since that, Pengolia ruler absolutely hates the Island, and Bengal and threatened war. The inhabitants wanted to kick away Bengal, before a war would start, but the law was on her side, and she could stay if she wanted to. And that's the problem. And why Bengal doesn't want to give the background back? Because she likes it, that's why.


Highlaw Island

Westland is where the airport and igloos are, Highmounty is the area with mountains (The tallest is Mount Postgoogle at 900 metres), Port Chub is where they sell fish and repare ships. Eastern parts of the island is the Wilderness, barely inhabited by any penguin. But the nature gathers many penguins for camping.


The city is known as Port Chub.


  • Southern Highlaw Postoffice (SHP)
  • Port Chub ship repair office
  • "Arrr-I neeeed a ship" ship and car insurance
  • Hotel Empty
  • Highlaw Island Airport


The Island community consists mostly of penguins (about 2000 with an estimate of 1500 in 2007), fish (about 30000), and puffles (about 7000). They live in harmony, and think quite similar. The Island has a harmony, which creates compromises.


Although Bengal did not do any crime, the Island community absolutely hates her, although she is to remain in power until she dies or retires. Bengal is not a nice person, because she yells a lot, is vain, and exerts almost no empathy towards others, although takes more bad stuff than she deserves. She isn't causing any real problem except angering Penghis Khan, but would be wise of her to leave the Island as quickly as possible. She doesn't care about how much everyone hates her, and truly believes that they are benefiting from her.


  • Wood
  • Fish
  • Water
  • Ships
  • Sails
  • Cloth
  • Rock
  • Water
  • Cheap (yet broken) ships
  • Cars

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