All Herberts mentioned here is about a penguin. The bear will be notified as Herbert P. Bear

Herbert Penguin is a blockbuster show which airs on Club Penguin Television during prime-time slots. It depicts mainly on the role of Herbert.


Herbert is a young penguin aged 10 which lives in Snowville of Eastshield, and goes into forth-grade. It was the same class, but with more adventures to arrive. He was named not after Herbert P. Bear, but after someone else. He goes to Snoe-Mourly Elemantry with his friends, Emma, Johnson and Duby. Emma has 3 other friends.


  • Herbert Monsuch

Herbert, a 10-year old lives in the housing district of Snowville, which is 136 Verslingad Street. He is against Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy. He is friends with Emma, Johnson and Duby, three friends he met at Snoe-Mourly Elemantry, which of course does not exist (a parody of Snow-Moely Elemantry) in USA. He enjoys adventuring, and also scores As in History, Math, Algreba and Music. Of course he has enemies, which one comes has Dab Luzer. Yllub.

  • Emma Mcelle

Emma is the only-girl friend of Herbert's which live far away from both the school and his house. She has three more friends, carrying the names "Elle, Miranda and Sun Lee". She loves to eat fish from EFF and usually goes to Side-To-Side during other certain days. She scores in Geography, Language Arts, Arts and Music. She secretly has a crush on Herbert.

  • Johnson Green

Johnson is Herbert's best friend which lives near to his house. He is usually seen wearing blue or green. He is sided with Herbert at almost all times. He has another friend dubbed "The Revealer", as he reveals many secrets and the fruit of the future. He scores in Mother-Languages and Science, especially Ecology and Interactions.

  • Duby Erns

Duby Erns is Herbert's friend and the smartest in the class. He lives between Emma's and Herberts'. He is known to be the smartest in the class and gets many awards. He usually wears a black colour, and is yellow belt in Ninja. In the episode "Why Didn't I Think of that?", we learn that Duby's grandfather was a master scientist like B and C. He scores in almost every subject, except Arts. He is especially goog in Mathematics.

  • Elle Voulstus. Bezulul

Elle is Emma's best friend which lives near to her house. She usually wears either red, pink or purple, but more oftenly purple as it's her favourite colour. She is quite familiar with the school and seems to be mainly calm. She is also very considerate to others. In the episodes "Duby Lost Money", "Urban Life" and "Berstudut", she is seen wearing a formal ballerina dress, which prooves she takes Ballet. She usually scores in Dancing and Music, and also partially Astronomy.

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