Hellfire :O


HellFire is Barchokodo's 2nd in command.He has the pumpkin king class of demons


HellFire was a bad chick who bullied others,he was killed to save the other chicks. He chose the pumpkin king class to terrorize people. He was so good at being evil he became quickly the pumpkin king leader then 2nd in command,He was also given the Demonfier as a reward.


He's pretty much weak without his demonfier.But he can fly,change the way he speaks and possess others.He can use his tail to poision penguins(only penguins are affected by the poision).


  • His name or parents are unknown.
  • His hat with buried with him when he died,when he went to hell the hat came with him.
  • He got the poision tail after becoming 2nd in command

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