Happy Penguin
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Vital statistics
Title Mr.
Gender Male
Race Chinstrap Penguin
Faction He has a smile every second.
Health Fine, but it seems crazy that he always smiles. Could that mean his health is bad?
Level 15
Status He is still smiling if you ask me.
Location Newton Town Chickcare Center

Happy Penguin(July 1980-), aged 28, is the happiest penguin in the USA. He smiles every day, every night 24/7. He isn't scared by the Pink Penguins' mascot! Due to his EQ, he is asked to babysit in the Newton Town Chickcare Center and sometime visits other hospitality homes, like Redlink Abbey and Eastshield Hope Hospital. His best friend is Wellish112.


He was given birth by his parents in July 1980, whom are both very patient and very happy. Their happiness combined equals this Happy Penguin on the streets. When he was a chick, Jerks bullied him and the teachers scolded him for his smile, however, he did not bother a single bit. He was too strange.

The only penguin who belived and befriended him is Wellish112. They both understand each other. They really make good friends!


He takes care of the penguins in the Newton Town Chickcare Center and is involved in visiting other hospitalities like Redlink Abbey and Eastshield Hope Hospital to take care of them and give speeches (which he still wears his strange smile).


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