The Free Republic of Hailvale
MottoLike extreme weather? Then Hailvale is the place to be!
Anthem1,000 Snow Days
Royal anthemYe shall be Hailed
The Official Map of Hailvale
(and largest city)
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages None
Species  Puffles, Leopard seals
Demonym Hails
Membership Hail Population
Government Free Republic
 -  High President Iamred777
 -  High Prime Minister Iamred777
 -  State Ruler Iamred777
Legislature 10 Hail Street.
Independance from the Start
 -  Leader Day 19 August 
 -  Independance Day 2 July 
 -  Hailvale Carnival 3rd Week in July 
 -  Total 15,000 km2 
30,000 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) Water surrounds the Island
 -  2005 estimate 40,000 
 -  2005 census 43,000 
 -  Density 27/km2 
52/sq mi
Currency Hail Cash (HC)
Drives on the Left
Calling code 575

Hailvale is an island northeast of Antarctica. It was discovered by Karazachi, but now Iamred777 rules Hailvale as president.


Hailvale was largely baron until Karazachi founded it. Now it is a cosmopolitan place with plenty of things to do. Karazachi ruled Hailvale for many years until he once went on a boat voyage, and never came back. But on another day, Iamred777 looked up high to the sky and noticed a bobble. He set off in his ship to go and explore this unknown island. When he landed at Mouseport he noticed a sign saying "Welcome to Mouseport, capital of Hailvale.", he immediately knew this place had penguins, whilst walking the street he asked many penguins "Who is your leader?", they replied "Karazachi, but he is gone forever". Iamred777 immediately took control, and set up a ferry line between Red Island and Hailvale for "penguins to explore more lands". The penguins all loved their new leader. Finally, they had a permanent new leader. With this new leadership, came a fresh, new era. Penguins wanted to start again. Roads were built in Rural Areas and crime dropped. The golden age of Hailvale had come.

After Iamred777's successful reign in Hailvale, things calmed down a bit. Although no general elections were held, lots of state elections were held, with different politicians winning.


The climate in Hailvale is very cold, with hardly any sunshine. The record high temperature is 15C, whilst the lowest is -39C. Alot of penguins get frostbite whilst out sun bathing. Ice is also very abundant, with snow. Lashing winds can also get up to 50 miles per hour, along the coastline, this terrible wind usually makes waves that crash down on the "beaches".


Hailvale is an icy island, with thousands of icebergs floating around. The area is incredibly slippery and hundreds of penguins have broken their beaks here, so be careful not to slip and fall.

Hailvale has the largest ice rink in the world just west of Mouseport. Cities/States include


Penguins, puffles, mice, bunnies, and seals all call Hailvale their home.


Bunnies: Not the fluffy, cute bunnies we're all familiar with. They are ROBOTS!!!

Ice Mice: Pesky vermin.


The Hail Pail is a popular fast food chain that can be found all over the island. Silver has also been found deep below the ground in some fields in the center of Hailvale.


  • Karazachi found this island in 2001.

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