Guymed image1
Guymed's outfit
Vital statistics
Title "All I have to say is that Guymed doesn't have at title" -Random Spammer
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Frosian Government, Club Penguin
Health  ???
Level 55
Status Alive
Location Philawind, Frosian

Guymed is a very well known programming penguin. He was born in Club Penguin, though he now lives in his own country, the Free Republic of Guymed.


Throughout Guymed's years, he has accomplished many, and I mean MANY things. He was born on October 26th, 1972. As a young one, he had an infection in his leg and part of his flipper, rendering him unable to walk. After the infection left, he could walk again, but had a small pain every time. He started working with technology as a 3 year old, and has been getting smarter since. He learned lots of programming languages at 11, then moved on. In high school, he built a computer that ran entirely on a command line. He became a programmer, and a gunsmith in college. As a challenge from his rival, he sailed off to take over a small island. In the end of the mix, he and his friends took over Frosian. He then made a tech company called iConnect, which made him a rich man.


Guymed played an important role in many things, but the most notable one is when he decided to help USA to stop Darktan.


  • Guymed in actuality has had that leg problem.

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