Quote1Oh Yeah That Guy...WHO THREW ME ACROSS THE SEA!Quote2
~ Greeny89865 When A Guy Was Talking About Enemy E.vil Before He Was An Agent
Greeny Secret Tove
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Location 1632 Green Street Fish City Club Penguin United States of Antarctica
Height (estimate) 3 1/2 feet
Eye color Green
Feather color Green
Fur color none
Hair color none
Country of residence First Iceland,Then America,and Finally USA (United States of Antartica)
Catchphrase If the agent is nice,Help it
Hobbies Sled Racing,Doing Spy Drills,Finding Pins,Playing Cart Surfing,and Playing Card-Jitsu
Strengths Being On The Top 5 EPF Agents List(#1 being Aunt Arctic #2 being Dot #3 being G #4 being Greeny and #5 being Rookie
Weaknesses Being scared (He is a coward)
Mother Lucy Roger Tove
Father Dave John Tove
Allergic to Fish (Weird Huh?)and all nuts
Favorite color Green (Duh!)
Criminal record Writing wrong info on the paper
Jail time accumulated 10 days
Community service time'' Forever (being an agent)
Times arrested July 10 2012
Times sued once
Friends Everyone except for Enemy E.vil and Herbert P. Bear
Enemies Enemy E.vil and Herbert P. Bear
Signature Greeny

His History

He was layed on January 1 1977 his parents left to be secret agents he was in the same nest as Peng Bond Soon Enemy E.vil and Herbert burned the black house (The Capital of un-civilised Ice Island) Santa camed and raised Peng Bond A pole landed on Greeny's egg,santa put out the fire and fix Greeny's egg he was cold for 5 straight years a penguin put him on display for 10 years then Enemy E.vil threw him to club penguin where puffles stared at him until June 2012 A kid came and hatched him,Greeny became friends with Aunt Arctic at the press when he got banned for 10 days he had to become his agent and now he (with the help of the EPF) is looking for his parents

Self Pictures


  • His strangest fact is that he is allergic to fish
  • Mr Cow2 is his buddy on Club Penguin.

Agent #

6272012 (a pun on his birth date(6 27 2012 or June 27 2012) there)


Some penguins say he will die with stress at 1:43 June 13 2013 (13 minutes from now) it may be sad but highly unlikely.A CP news flash,this is proved to be untrue,I repeat untrue

His parents

When Lucy and Dave left,Lucy became adventurous and afraid of polar bears,it is now unknown what kind of mission they are on or why,Dave became a bit care less but has a soft spot for his child,the one time they saw Greeny after being hatched they were busy and that was the last time they were mentioned or seen so far....

Greeny's Other Stuff

His Hit Song (Playing The Piano)

I've Been Delayed


The Ice Berg

He Finally Tipped The Iceberg

I won

When He Won The Penguin Awards 2013



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