Inspiration(s) Fans and Co-workers
Developer(s) PIPe
Publisher(s) PIPe
Release date in USA July 2007
Release date in the UTR {{{utr}}}
Release date in Non-Free Republics 2008
Release date in Free Republics of the USA June 15, 2009 (Dorkugal)
Genre Puzzle
Units sold over 3,000,000
Platform(s) PC
Predeced by {{{predeced}}}
Followed by

Portal is a game for the PC where you complete challenges by using the power of Portals, which allow you to travel through dimensions into a differen't location through eachother.


At Flippiture Science, Shell, a test penguin subject, wakes up from a nap inside a small booth, just to find themselves in a glass box. The overhead intercom voice, CRABoS, tells her to leave the small room and creates a portal as an exit. CRABoS travels through many puzzles, helping Shell, but through time, manages to grab her flippers on the Handheld Portal Device, allowing Shell to create blue portals. She continues and learns about forward momentum and portals, but her final challenge is to beat timing to grab the second upgrade to the device, to allow her to create red portals. When she does, CRABoS was refriening to tell her any more safety tips and promised the prize at the end would be a pie. After knowing that it wasn't for nothing, Shell did her best to get to the end, beating the hardest tests. When she reaches the end, all is suddenly not what it seems...


  • Shell
  • CRABoS
  • Sentry Turret
  • Rocket Turret
  • Puffleman (writing)

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