Goonizacklomen (pronnouced Goo-Ne-Zack-Low-MeN) is a dance parodied out of the Virus Robot Dance, which is the affection stage of Your Page Title Here.

Dance Movements

It is parodied most parts of the dance, but with a twist.

The penguin will start to do the hand-rubble, which is like raising hands but shaped as knifes and go back and forth instead. Then, he turns around and starts shaking it's booty/tail feathers, which excites te audience. The rest turn their waists around as if they were supporters. He does it thrice and does a star-like shape, and then right legs and hands left and does the opposite. He then does complicated movements unable to be learned. Towards the end, he pushes his head up and down and he's shoulders going back and forth. Another booty-shake, and hand-rubble, which ends the act.


Alex12345a is very impressed for some to copy his "Tail Feather Dance". He replied when interviewed at a local cafe:

The dance copies both a phnoemoena and a comedy act performed by me. This is the work of a true genius
He then spills the coffee, attempting to scream at the interviewers.

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