The Gold City
The Gold City image
Pretty beautiful Ya?
No map available.
Map caption
Vital statistics
Type City
Level Maxed Out
Location Flywish Island
Inhabitants Celebs like Pengy Osbourne

The Gold City is the capital of Flywish Island.


When Flywish started his own island he built a city out of gold and called it The Gold City. This town has a few Taco Balls, A Mcdoodle's,and 3 Burger Khans. There is a beach called Golden Beach.


There is only 1 map in The Gold City


Seen back up there^



Why do you think there was a 2005 Peng attack?


You go there and start off holding 1,000,000 coins in your pocket. If a Mwa Mwa Penguin is seen there it will be brutally tortured by the President Himself.

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