AnthemK.K. Song
Ghostly35's Igloo
The Population Puffle carrying the flag.
CapitalGhostly's Igloo
Largest city The aforementioned igloo.
Official languages English
Species  One Penguin, a puffle or two.
Demonym Weirdo
Government Lonely autocracy
 -  President Ghostly35
Ghostly35 wanted his own independent country where he could eat peas and mashed potatoes together. It is somewhere behind the Night Club. 
 -  Ghostly35 became bored. 2009 
 -  Ghostly35, in his boredom, declared sovereginity. 2009, four hours later. 
 -  The eternal onslaught of tomatoes and ridicule began. 2009, the next day. 
 -  One Igloo km2 
One Igloo sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 97% frozen water, including the igloo.
 -  2009 estimate
 -  2009 census
 -  Density 5/km2 
Less than 3/sq mi
Currency Coins (C)
If Ghostly wants Daylight Savings, he can just turn his clock back.
Drives on the N/A (you can't drive in an igloo)
Calling code N/A
Footnotes There is something wrong with Ghostly35.

The so-called "nation" of Ghostlia is an igloo in Club Penguin. Nobody recognizes it as a sovereign nation. In fact, most people just laugh at it. Ghostlia is famous for having more tomatoes thrown at it than any other igloo, mostly because its "founder", Ghostly35, is insane.


Founded in 2009 by a penguin named Ghostly35, this so-called "nation" gained its so-called "sovereignity" when the penguin put up a flag outside his igloo and screamed "I HEREBY DECLARE SECCESION FROM CLUB PENGUIN BECAUSE I AM BORED!'.


Its currency is the coin, that of all Club Penguin areas.


File:Ghostlia.png Ghostlia is an igloo. It is stained red because of all of the tomatoes thrown at it.

Flag, Motto, and Anthem

The flag has the first symbol in the background an the second one in the forground. The motto is "I HEREBY DECLARE SECCESION FROM CLUB PENGUIN BECAUSE I AM BORED!"


  • Ghostly35,
  • Jetpack,
  • Maymay188,
  • Two puffles.


To reach Ghostlia, one must stray off the usual Map's member igloos (those are for the elite) and head to the neighborhood servers, where the poorer penguins live. Ghostly35's igloo is down on West Tri-State Lane, a block from Explorer's home.


Current number of tomatoes thrown: 10,647 to date.
Number of "Kick Me" signs placed on Ghostly to date: 71.
Number of Ding-Dong-Ditches performed: 1029
Number of insults dished out on Ghostly: 2,756,245 and growing.
Number of tourists to this igloo: 87.
Number of times the National Flag was stolen: 11.
Number of times the stolen Flag was used as a napkin: 6.
Number of times the stolen Flag was used as toilet paper: 5.
Number of political discussions in CP to re-annex Ghostlia: 0.
Number of people who take this seriously: 5 (the residents, of course!)
Number of Parties at this "nation": 80.
Number of PET Scans on Ghostly35's brain: 54.
Number of psychiatrist visits made by Ghostly: 961.

Please add more to these statistics, as well as updating the existing ones.

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