The Ghost of the Lion is Tiger Penguin's arch enemy, and is the creator of evil Ninjas, the most evil ones ever to step foot on the snowy grounds of Club Penguin.

The Beginning

When Club Penguin was formed, the great penguins had a meeting. They assembled the Island. Unfortunately, Lion put evil on the island, and now, his spirit haunts Tiger Island.

Some of his work

He has caused chaos everywhere. Tiger fought in the great Battle Of The Ninjas against him. The battle is based upon the fact that Lion's evil spirit would find wrong-doers and teach them the ways of the ninja to do evil. Tiger and his ninjas went into a war that lasted 15 years. Pretty long, ain't it? Lion has been found guilty of these charges, and this is literally his criminal record:

  • Theft (Snowball shooters)
  • Holding someone hostage (He held a poor penguin at snowball point for an hour)
  • Haunting (10,000 confirmed cases, at least 750,000 more reported)
  • Destruction on a mass scale (Tore down best parts of Tiger Island)
  • Evil (Need I say more?)
  • Raising others evil (Duh)
  • being a ninja without authorization (Yeah)
  • Not following Ninja Code (mind tricks)
  • More mind tricks on 1st degree scale (Fooled West TI Colony leader into cutting food)
  • Insensible speech (Crazy talk)
  • Spirit walking (When you are dead, you don't come back. It annoys people)
  • Scaring little penguins (Haunting)
  • Conspiracy ( OF theft)
  • Desturbing peace
  • Resisting arrest
  • Being an idiot in general
  • And much much more

He's pretty bad.

Attempts to silence the Lion

Even after the attempt to follow some lyrics from drivin' n' Cryin', "The whisper tames the lion", that failed. They tried to splatter him with waffles.


Lion fell to his doom years before CP existed. Tiger and him were fighting, and it got out into their giant open-roof parlor, and Lion lost his balance and fell into the flaming hot experimental Hot-Sauce 3000 Tiger was making. Lion's last words were:

This isn't over, Tiger! I will bring you to an end like this! AGHHH!!!!
Tigers responce was: "Oh well. FEEL THE BURN!"

Attempts to Destroy People

Even though Lion is dead, he still haunts. He is the reason hot sauce is spicy, and likes to take over inanimate objects and make them talk. He has even sabotaged a party by biting a hole into the igloo. He once made a device to bring himself back into a cyborg penguin, but it didn't work.

His success

One day, he finally got himself into a permanant body. A cyborg penguin. He is nuts. A picture will ber included shortly. Tiger the stages Lion made the horrible army Dark Puffles Fortunately, he spilt water on himself, frying his cyborg body, and making him a ghost again.

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