Gentoo Penguins
Gentoo Penguins image1
A Gentoo Penguin
Vital statistics
Title Gentoo Penguin
Gender -
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health Pretty Good
Level 24
Status -
Location Mainly Gentoo Island

The Gentoo Penguins are a race of happy, intelligent penguins that inhabit Gentoo Island, and the rest of Antarctica.


The Gentoo Penguins only lived on Gentoo Island until 1785, when Joshua Cream went with an exploration party to explore there. To Joshua's surprise, the Gentoo Penguins were intelligent and capable of seven different languages. They are now widespread across Antarctica, but their main city is Gentoo Island.


When Joshua Cream 'discovered' the Gentoo Penguins, they had been making Cream Soda for years by crushing the Soda Root. Now the main export of Gentoo Island is Soda Roots.

The Gentoo Penguins are happy. All the time. No matter what. They always treat guests nicely and smile. Because of this, a Gentoo Penguin is a highly respected community member.


  • The white strip on their head is a subject to superstition. It is said that the longer the strip, the happier the penguin's life.

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