Gentoo Island
Gentoo Island image1
A penguin storing the delivered cream soda, the Gentoo Penguins' favourite food.
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Vital statistics
Type Island
Level 45
Location Above Antarctica
Inhabitants PASA and others.

Gentoo Island is the birth place of Gentoo Penguins, the orgin of Rockhopper's favorite drink,Cream Soda, and the home of the Penguin Aerodynamics and Space Agency.


The Gentoo Penguins tribe first founded it. In 1789, Joshua Cream, then in an exploration team, discovered Cream Soda, not knowing that the Gentoo Penguins had been making it for years. Later, Brendan Stars came along and started to be the "second-halved leader" of the island.

Map and Places

Gentoo Island
  • The PASA is located on the top peninsula of the island. There is a viewing deck for shuttle missions and a gift shop.
  • The town hosts some great shops and fish markets on Sunday at the south of the island.
  • The palace of Gentoo Penguins is in the middle of the island.




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