Garden Cleanup 2
Vital statistics
End End of the Quest
Prerequisites Need to pass Garden Cleanup.
Level 3 and above.
Location Bobtropica
Rewards Medal, Very Special Flower.
Previous Next
Garden Cleanup Garden Cleanup 3

Garden Cleanup 2 is the sequel to the fantastic quest, Garden Cleanup. This is one of the quests which are known to be "game-affectionate".


The owner, Berry, needs help again after a financial crisis and temporary closure. Do more advanced tasks than before!!!

--Directed from the official quest board in Bobtropica.


Task 1: Collection of New Flowers

  1. Talk to Berry
  2. Go to Diana112's Flower Shop, located in Pengyboo Island.
  3. Collect the red, yellow and green flowers.
  4. Return them to Berry.
    • This is like Mission 7, where you will have to go to Diana112's flower shop and collect flowers via ship. At least 1/3 you gained (if you ever) or anybody did are the flowers that you have to recieve.
    • The former task was also the same.

Task 2: Cleaning and tidying of shop

  1. Talk to Berry.
  2. Go and clean up like the past, only, instead of a broom and a mop, you will be using G's new Clean-a-tron 10000.
  3. Press the red button on the right.
  4. You will swing vigarously. To stop, you will have to press the right key (you have a keyboard around your neck. It's no computer quest) mutiple times. After 30 tries, the item will stop.
    • During the run-about, also try to handle the speed. While pressing the right key, a glitch of the vacum is that if you press the initials xyzzy, it will slow down. It will also reduce the number of tries to stop the machine.
    • Knocking down flowers would cause an automatic stop of the machine. You will later be fired. Try not to knock into any by typing: "Do not try to knock into the flowers" or use the above rule for slowing down. Please remember these as they will not appear in the quest, unless you brought a computer along, but that's impossible. What if pocket-PC....???
  1. You have cleaned the area.

Task 3: Urban Jungle

Opening the shop will not happen again, as Berry is missing a flower. As it's summer, try as fast as you could to find the flower in the whole nusery. Remember that, it is a blue flower with a green stem, which is large and like a rose, only it could somehow survive in cold conditions. This is a somehow unknown, but the flower is also no ordinary one.

    • This is not like last time's Cash Register task.

Ultamite Task: Parrizi?

You will have to jump on a rope, then swing and go to the matress across.

    • This is a glitch.


You will gain a medal from Bobtropica and Berry, plus a flower. There will be a sequel to this, Garden Cleanup 3. Who knows?

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