G's Family is a surprisingly large group of penguins, most of which have a knack for science, arithmetic, alchemy, and art.

In order, from oldest to younger:

  • Gary (35).
    • Twin of Mary, younger by three minutes
  • Mary (35).
    • Twin of Gary, older by three minutes
  • G's Great Uncle L (deceased, United States of Antarctica. Lived up to 85 years of age)
    • Lolly, the divorced wife of L. (76, Currently married to Captain Stephen Peacock, making her a Queen).
    • Lucy, the wife of L (75, hatched Larry II)
  • Captain (actually Field Marshal, but prefers to be referred to as Captain) Lord (also Sir Hon and King) Stephen Peacock MP KCB 89. (Previously married to the Queen of Club Penguin).
    • Lolly, Current wife of Captain Stephen Peacock. (See above. Under G's Great Uncle)
  • Holly, the wife of Benny. Hatched all the other children. (300).
  • Goory (deceased,Cave. Lived until a rock thrown from a volcano smashed him. Lived up to 29 years of age.)
    • He is the oldest G's parient,he invented fire and wheel.

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  • Mista T (clone of Thomas, not biologically related)
  • Elemeta (clone of Mary and Coool31 together, not biologically related)
  • GANGSTA G (clone of G, not biologically related)