Flywish Missle
It is now Flywish's
Vital statistics
Type Missles
Effects Makes everything have Flywish
Source 12yz12ab's lab
Location All over with Flywish
Cost to buy None
Cost to sell None

Flywish Property Missiles are missles for Flywish's Army. They are created by 12yz12ab.


When Flywish got sick of villains pushing his army around, He decided it was time to make a missle for his army. He asked 12yz12ab the inventor for his army to make a few of the missles. Instead he gave him 10,000. Flywish said "that will do well!" and he used one on a Xorai Clone. All it did was hurt it. Heat Missiles can coutneract the missile if it is caught within his explosion. But the Property misssile can also coutneract the Heat Missile if IT explodes first.


  • Flywish has 10,000 of them.
  • Xorai tries to take them but Flywish always stops him.
  • Xorai's Base is protecting itself from the missles.
  • Flywish may use it on the Darktonian Realm

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