Flywish's mansion
Flywish's Mansion
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Vital statistics
Type Mansion
Level 200,000,000
Location Flywish Island
Inhabitants Flywish

Flywish's Mansion is one of the only mansions in CP.


This mansion is about the same size as Weddell Estates, it has 650 rooms and is around the beach.


A couple known rooms are: The Weapon Room, Flywish's room (of course),The Monitor room,The Indoor Pool,The Safe of all the Coins the owner has, and even an arcade room. Flywish has lot's of posters in his own room.


The mansion has pain causers everywhere, especially the puffles. It's pretty hard to get in there.



  • Darktan (He wants to destroy the Mansion)
  • Rodrick Peng (He actually tried to blow up this place what a dumb idea)


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