Flystar1, with his club invention.
Vital statistics
Title Flystar1
Gender Male
Race Megadyptes waitaha (Waitaha Penguin)
Faction Unknown
Health Deceased
Level 150
Status Deceased
Location Unknown, said to be around Ant. Peninsula-Trans-Antartica area.

Flystar1 (commonly reffered to as Flystar I) is an inventor that existed a LONG time ago (before Penguin Empire era). He was one of the first Waitaha penguins and penguins ever. He was born around August 4,944,395 BC, and died around August 4,944,305 BC.


He was born around August 4,944,395 BC. A few years later, at age 3, he got superpowers, such as super strength, super speed, and super intellect. At age 5, he invented the club, the predecessor to the modern baseball bat and sword. At age 8, he invented the predecessor to the doorknob. At age 15, he killed his first animal, a predecessor to the puffle (except it's bigger and more fierce, and it tried to attack him first). At age 21, he invented the predecessor to the igloo, a stone house. At age 29, he tried to invent a vaccine to the predeccessor of the I-Love-U-Flu virus, but he ended up making the "Super Potion", enabling the user to have superpowers. At age 40, he invented the predecessor to glasses. At age 57, he got the world's first disease, a predeccessor of what Flystar55555 is going to have. He was bedridden, but penguins brought him supplies to invent things, such as the predeccessor to this bad chemical and this horrible virus. At age 89, he invented his last invention, the predeccessor to the switch. At age 90, in 4,944,305 BC, he passed away. Yet he didn't know that his inventions would evolve into today's newest innovations. By 2000 AD, 97% of the population of the USA had at least one of his inventions in their home, but yet only 2% of those people knew who he was. His inventions are used every day in warfare, comfort, health, and innovation. By 2009, 85% of the inventions used today trace back to his existence. Without his existence, there would be no melee weapons in war, no Power4U Affair (bad, but good in someway, right?), and the Nightmare Epic (as said in P4U Affair).


  • By the number of things he invented, you could classify him as an inventor.
  • He also invented more things, but those are his major inventions.
  • It is said that he invented more than 100 things.
  • It is said by most penguins that he was born in August 20, the winter solstice, but this has not been confirmed yet.
  • Most penguins claim they have seen his ghost near and far away from the graveyard he was buried at.

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