Flowers Frangipani is a game played in Margate Antarctica Island. It is invented by Sir Linchi Likki in 1976. Despite the name, there is no frangipanis used.


The game starts with 4 flippers placed in north, south, east and west and could include north-west, north-east, south-west, south-east. North starts first. The player should choose someone to play rock paper scissors, or scissors papers stone using the flipper placed at back. The loser must exclude the flipper placed at back and must use the other flipper. If the opposite of the previous match has lost one flipper, the person should shout "Flowers Frangipani", which causes a third player to automatically lose his flipper unless within 5 seconds say Destroys Frangipani. The "Destroy Frangipani" could only be used one times. The same rule applies when losing till no flippers.

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