Flipperstomp in their hey-day!

Flipperstomp was a famous music group widely-known for their hit album, Lunchtime in Antarctica, and the writers of many popular songs in the USA; one of them being Take The Short Way Back. It was widely believed that there were 5 members, before the band fell apart 26 years after Lunchtime in Antarctica.


Ricky D and Pomfret Hodgson formed this group back in the earlier days of the USA. Although their first album, Flipperstomp, wasn't very successful, with effort, their music gradually made its way to the top over the next few years. After a few beginning members had quit, the newly created band went through intense searches to find new recruits.

The band reached its peak when they produced the album, Lunchtime in Antarctica. Out of this album, three hit songs spawned out. It has since sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

Hodgson had quit the band a few years after their tour for their most recent album, Famous Few Words. In an attempt to bring him back, Ricky epically failed, and Hodgson was never heard from again. Trying to reform, Ricky brought back some of the older members, plus many new musicians. After many more songs, another attempt to reform was tryed, including Pomfret, still epically failing.


Some members of Flipperstomp can still be seen playing in concerts and music festivals scattered across the USA. Though not considered "a band" anymore, many remain to enjoy listening to their classic songs.


  • Flipperstomp is a parody of the music group Supertramp.
  • They mainly played rock music, but sometimes they chose other styles, as well.

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