Flamehopper image
Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Can Control Fire
Distantly related to Rockhopper
Health Excellent
Level 810
Status At Large
Location Travelling

Flamehopper is an evil penguin, distantly related to Rockhopper. He is a Member of the Str00del Force.


Flamehopper was once a normal penguin. He was quite friendly and had quite a few friends. Unfortunately one day he discovered a container with Ditto in it. He thought it was his favorite drink, Citric Free Cream Soda, so he took a drink. When he was finished he turned evil, and could suddenly shoot flames from his flippers. He decided to join the Str00dels but was later accidently sucked into a Penguin Portal. He has been trapped since, yet he is able to speak with Captain Str00del.


Flamehopper is Rockhopper's cousin's cousin's uncle's girlfriend's brother's friend's former roommate's clone. I told you he was distantly related. Flamehopper attacks with his fire powers. Like Flame Knights however he can be defeated by a water attack though not as easily. His fire attacks are usless for breaking out of portals though.


  • This can use fire to rule Club Penguin.
  • He is higly allergic to lemons and any other fruit containing citric acid. The Antics Brothers exploit this frequently, throwing lemonade, limeade, and orange juice at him when he comes into range.
  • Has esperidoeidiphobia, the fear of citric acid (see above). Explorer exploits this by constantly screaming "CITRUS!!!" and similar interjections at him when he comes into range.
  • His hat doubles as a grill. Some penguins have even tried to grill fish on it.
  • His abailites are powered by charcoal, which he tosses into his hat-grill.
  • He is very afraid of Fruit Blasters.
  • It is Rumored That He started the fire In 09 Many Say He Was Hiding In The stove

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