The Fever Fighters are a band of penguins who followed Fever before he disappeared. They always were the color orange. They are led by a penguin named Quebert. They have bases in several cities around the USA, especially in the Antarctic Peninsula. Their actions are normally not approved by the PSA , as they break many laws while trying to find their lost master.


The Fever Fighters primary goal is to find Fever, as they do not beleive he was banned, but rather kidnapped or is in hiding.

Watex Warriors

They are often confused with the Watex warriors, who were the color dark blue. However, these two groups are rivals for an unknown reason, as they are both looking for Fever/Watex.


The Fever Fighters have bases in almost every major city in the USA. Their Capital base is in Fevertopia, and other major bases are in Club Penguin and South Pole City.

Current operations

At the present time, the Fever Fighters are capturing wild whales for unknown reasons.

Famous members

  • Quebert (Leader)
  • Mama Magic
  • Ffasier12
  • Mac381

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