Evil Lake.

The Evil Lake, also known as the Fibonacci Lake is a lake located in Dorkugal. It's controlled by Fords and Jerks (both evil).

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Evil Lake is located on Phi Island. It is called Fibonacci Lake by the Dorkugese and only Fred 676 and Explorer 767 know why. It is controlled by the Jerks and Fords, who wish to take over Dorkugal.


This lake was made in 2005 fot the two evil groups as hideout.

Incidents and accidents

A couple of incidents happened, especially the one about Noua and Laua Auza, Bosti and Sir John Iron.

Presence of Noua and Laua Auza

A sharp appearance of Noua Auza, an unknown penguin was spotted travelling through the lake in 2006. He was captured by the Jerks. He appeared again in 2007 with his wife, Laua Auza, the author of "Why would 1994 be my worst year?". They ran off in the nick of time.

Presence of Bosti

Bosti, a penguin travelled through the lake unexpectedy in Late 2007. He then dissapeared, without a trace. In August 2008, he was annouced captured by the jerks. He was eventually released in mid-2010.

Sir John Iron and Sir Boogy BonBon Incident

In early 2008, Sir John Iron, an explorer and seven penguins were travelling to Lost Angels They went tohere via Evil Lake. When the Jerks saw this, they rushed off in boats and started capturing them. Sir John Iron and the others escaped, however, his trusty mate, Sir Boogy BonBon is still missing. Later in 2008, he was pronnouced captured by the jerks.

Presence of Boyous Nicholas

See Evil Lake Incident

Boyous Nicholas's , Nichola's Boat was sailing through a lake with a ferry filled with 20 passengers on 12 November 2008, the company of the boat said. They were due to arrive in Auzua Mostafique However, the boat was captured by jerks and at least 12 had been. The other 9 passengers had escaped via a small raft, each which could carry 4 passengers each.

Other incidents and accidents

  • A boy and his mother were travelling through the lake on a boat when they sank overboard and swam to the land.
  • In November, a man and a junk boat was also travelling through the lake. He swam to the land and was believed to be Mr. Unknown.

Where are Bosti and Sir Boogy BonBon now?

According to the Dorkugese Secret Services, Bosti and Sir Boogy BonBon are OK, but they're are still negociating with the Jerks. This was as of 2008.

In 2010, Bosti was released after the Jerks were ambushed and arrested. Sir Boogy BonBon also escaped, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.

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