Escape To Tiger Island: The Movie
'The Tiger has spoken...'
Vital statistics
Participants Snakesy1, Tiger, Leopard, Weirdal6
Date 12/?/08
Location TIger Island

Escape to Tiger Island is a movie made by Tiger Productions that is based upon Snakesy1's recount of his trip to Tiger Island.

The event

Snakesy1 goes with his older brother, Weirdal6, and they take a boat to the fabled "Tiger Island." On the way there, they get into a storm. They hit rocks, and are forced to swim a mile to reach a cave. When they get there, they find a hostile, leopard-like penguin, that is like a spirit. Turns out, he was wearing a half-broken ninja suit. His name was Leopard. He trains the two to become ninjas, then makes them fight him. After they win, they find out who Tiger is, and stay on Tiger Island forevermore.


This movie is due for release before Christmas.

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