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Ernie's Plan to Conquer Antarctica II
Date April 2009-
Location Freezeland and USA's states
Result The boat sank.
Casus belli They wanted to conquer the USA and make it theirs!
Army zee' Ernie Shield Island's Forces
Ernie, lead commander

Mr. Unknown, other commander

Korus M. Cheesland

Tempy M. Cheeseland

3,000,000 Soldiers 3000 Soldiers
100 wounded 1000 wounded
It was an incident which contains violence. The violence had not been expressed to much as it will hurt viewesr.

Ernie's Second Plan was the successor to the epic fail Ernie's Plan I. It involves the other Mwa Mwa Penguins, Dark Penguins and most of all, Mr. Unknown.

However, it failed epically, when the boat's weakness was overcome and sank to the depths of the Antarctican seabed. No one died, thankfully, and the biggest injury was only a boo-boo. Ernie and Mr. Unknown escaped, and could not be found to this day.


The plan starts with entering the northwest coast of Eastshield, which is used with a stolen boat. The boat was named ERNINAN. Actually, the boat is dismantled and refitted with "evil" parts. Unknowingly, King Candy went into the ship by accident after being looked in the eyes of Mr. Unknown.

This Guy, also by chance, entered the ship. He was actually spying on one of Darktan's minions at the dock that day.

Later, they will sail and start to control Freezeland.

The Event

Ship Set-Out

The boat sets out to Freezeland on the northwest coast on April 20th. It was actually found out that the boat was not stolen, but constructed by it's workers. They left for Weddell's Shield Island, with disguises, and bought several supplies for their ship. Later, they set off for Freezeland. However, they had to stop at Arda again for more supplies. No one was aware. That's so far.

Shield Island Knew It NOW!

While the ship was at Arda, Shield Island contacted immigration as they though a different thief, or prankster, could have been there. They searched through, there was no theif. But they did notice some weird and awful disguises which anyone would know who they were. But not the Shield Island.

It was only till 27 April 2009, when the boats already left, that they figured out they were going to conquer the USA and crush it's forces. Thier 3 million penguins force agains the one million + two million combatants from...

Shield Island vs. The Boat

Shield Island found out about the ERNIAN. Their soldiers hopped onto the ERNIAN and started tearing the sails apart, and using a duplicate of the Pie Cannon, they managed to destroy the captain's deck. No one was in there at the time, but, then again, no one could control the ship.

"Fire it now!" Korus M. Cheeseland, the chief commander of the Shield Island army, shouted in a rough tone.

The Pie Tank-duplicates threw pie at the ERNIAN, and the ship sank INSTANTLY. Wow. That was ridiculous. Everyone returned to shore, most going to jail. Some were spies and were excused. Ernie and Mr. Unknown escaped, thus, a third plan may be in operation.

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