Ernie Vern Asduasnicklefique
Ernie image
Ernie is ninja?
Vital statistics
Title Ernie/Mr. Baddy
Gender Male
Faction EVIL!!!
Health Unknown
Level Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Who knows?
Occupation Villain
Friends Cult of Weirdology
Enemies STINC, Penghis Khan, United Stupidity

Ernie Vern Asduasnicklefique (pronnouced as-dwa-s-nickel-fikWE) or also known as Mr. Baddy or plain Ernie is an evil penguin which is featured in most missions of the "Mission Series".


Ernie was born in the Asduasnicklefique family, with his evil brother Bert; and father and mother were not revealed, though rumors about them being Skannas and Verique could be true.

His place of birth should probably be Sherby Hoodwounds, and either on February or March the 13th 1985. It was during the time when the country was about to become a republic.

Ernie really wanted to conquer the world. He first started after some programmes on television made an impression of him.


He is mentioned in Mission 2, Mission 3 and Mission 5 as enimies. Unknown to his group, the Str00del Force, he is the most evil penguin ever on MAI and Auzua Mostafique. He is known for his misdeeds and his relations with Newman, a good friend also working in the force. Bert, his brother, goes undercover as a plumber and provides plans of anti-Str00dels to him which together, they provide to the force itself. Of course, the army will be suprised.

He is also said that he hates Darktan as he is "taking all his might and will" and single-handedly and seperately fought him in the Darktonian Realm. He also hates STINC, Penghis Khan and this fake island on another wiki. He is rumored to formerly being an agent and sided G, but reports never concluded this as true.



  • Flywish (Flywish, like always is planning to destroy him)
  • PSA


  • He supports the freedom of Str00del Foods
  • He has no relations with Darktan. In fact, he never really cared about him conquering, nor Luce saving the world. Both seemed to him as nonsense, and decided to conquer USA himself.
  • He is wanted by Flywish.

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