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Old Clock This page describes events that will happen in the Future, as researched by the Time Agency. Be aware that these events do not exist; they are confirmed to be true, but have not happened yet. They have not been born, built, or came into existence in the present.


Emperor Pengvintine is Swiss Ninja Hochstadt when he is VERY old. Swiss became evil and took that name for his title.


for his early life, see Swiss Ninja Hochstadt.

Swiss Ninja renamed himself this when he turned evil. When this happened, his successortried to conquer the USA in the 5 Year's War, but it ended with Snowzerland and the USA plunged into a Deep Depression. The Viking Empire sent aid to the USA, and East Pengolia sent aid to Snowzerland. Despite the aid, TerraMount conquered Snozerland and it's Empire, and the USA was taken over by the Mwa Mwa Penguin Movement. Anyway, back to Pengvintine: So he organized a ninja army and allied with Pen Chi. A war between the good ninjas and the evil ninjas followed.

Preceded by
Spider880 Future spider880
The Position of
Evil Sensei of Ninjas,

as held by Emperor Pengvintine

2050 - 2110

Succeeded by
Fut Ga Ninja Fut-Ga Hochstadt

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