Emblem of Jing Jongs
Emblem of Jing Jongs image1
The emblem placed in the flag of Jing Jongs Island
Vital statistics
Type Emblem, Government
Effects Serves as the emblem of Jing Jongs Island.
Source Circular
Location Jing Jongs Island
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell NOT FOR SALE

The Emblem of Jing Jongs has been longly used since the foundation of the island. To this day, it has been the official emblem and most precious item in Jing Jongs Island.


The Emblem of Jing Jongs is a large black circle, which represents the people of Jing Jongs Island. Inside resides Jing Jongs' album. It is two triangles stuck together with a stick, one at it's right at the top while the other at the bottom connected be the left. It was made during the foundation of the island and during it's control. When the kingdom moved, the top triagle represents the king and queen. It resumed to the original version when the kingdom was overthrown by the USA. To this day, it remains the official and most precious item in the area.


  • Mabel says that the black circle represents darkness. However we all know Mabel is cuckoo so who cares what she says!
  • Diana101 made it her company's logo.

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