Vital statistics
Title Edge Ace-Flip
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Vikings
Health 100%
Level Warrior
Status Alive
Location Ice City

Edge is a light blue penguin that currently lives in Ice City. He is one of the vikings, and battles with Metalmanager, who is with the romans. He uses a hockey sticks for protection, but wont hit anybody that isn't a threat to him. He sometimes wears a black hoodie, but only when he's going to the court house. He resembles rsnail, except that he wears a gold viking helmet, while rsnail wears a red viking helmet. He is an emporer penguin, making him taller than other penguins, yet his weakness his is feet. If a snowball is thrown at his feet, he will fall over.


He grew up in Pengydeen, but moved to Ice City along with the Viking tribe when he was about 10. He was born a small baby penguin in 1995. His first item he bought was the golden viking helmet.


He appears in Metal Force Missions sometimes, and appears in a few games.


  • He never wears nor owns any items except a golden viking helmet, hockey stick, black hoodie and red sunglasses.
  • He is never seen wearing his glasses.
  • He is supposed to be friends with rsnail, but this is currently unknown.

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