EDFan Name
EDFan Image.PNG
EDFan, in 2009
BornFebruary 16, 1994 (aged 16)
Ed Island
NationalityEd Islandmite
Other namesEd, Mr. person-thing,
OccupationListed Below
Years active2006-present
Home townTech City
Height1.2 m (3ft 8in)
Weight4.8kg (10lb, 6in)
Known forBeing the King of Ed Island

King of Ed Island
Full nameEDwinFan12345
BornFeb. 16,1994
BirthplaceEd Island
OffspringNone Yet
DynastyUnknown Dynasty
Royal anthem21 Guns

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EDFan12345 (1994- ) (hatched as EdwinFan12345. Likes to be called EDFan) is the King of Ed Island.

EDFan's Theme


His Fighting Theme

Legendary Air Ride Machine - Super Smash Bros

Legendary Air Ride Machine - Super Smash Bros. Brawl


EdwinFan12345 was hatched on Ed Island, in the royal family. His best friend grew to be Chayaz, a fellow Tropical Adelie. EdwinFan simplified his name to "EDFan" and went to be the successor of his father. One Day as he was surfing, the waves carried him away due to the Great Storm of 2007 which was just going to Club Penguin Island. EDFan eventually got enough coins due to his job at The Pizza Parlor. Once he had the coins, he bought an airline ticket and flew back to Ed Island.
EDFan Chick

EDFan in his Chick years.





EDFan has multiple powers. He received them from his grandfather, EDFan12343, being a Super Penguin. His powers are the following:

  • He can make cream soda barrels appear out of nowhere onto his flipper.
  • He is super strong.
  • He can break the Fourth Wall.
  • He can do something wierd penguins call "The Force."
    • Using this he an fly, run VERY fast, and shoot lasers out of his flippers.
  • He is trained with Martial Arts.
  • He is one of the few Keysaber wielders.
  • Not really a power, but EDFan has learned to speak puffle.


Go here to read EDFan's future.


  • Pizza Chef
  • King of Ed Island
  • EPF Agent
  • Secretary of Facility and Aircraft Maintenance in PASA (Resigned)
  • Time Agent (Resigned)


Like Explorer, EDFan has modes, but not a severe as Explorer's. These include:

  • Explorer Mode: He acts like Explorer, pranking penguins, puffles, and Mabel.
  • Ninja Mode: Only appears when playing Card-Jitsu, He becomes a master at the game, being able to PWN almost anyone.
  • Mabel Mode: Acts like Mabel, screaming things like "ண۝Δ♛Й☢Я☏Ω※⏎&#$**$@$&(){\][\/,.</`*#$*!'" VERY rare mode.
  • Chef Mode: Only appears when preparing food, he becomes a master chef.
  • Meme Mode: He randomly does Memes to many penguins.


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  • NO! I do NOT have a sunburn on my beak!

  • OK then...

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