Douoze is a type of animal which lies in Merdock Dock. It was discovered by the founders of the dock, Mershins Douza and Docklins Oze.


In 2004, when Mershins Douza was walking around the dock, he heard a screeching sound. He turned back, but to find nothing except the forest and highway. He looked back, looking at the next boat arriving from Eastshield. Then, the screeching sound came once again. He turned back, and this time, he found a strange looking animal which is golden, has two eyes and a mouth (the illustration was WRONG) and was very large in fact. He looked with glee, to discover a new species in the Antarctic!


A Douoze is shaped circular, with a medium-length neck and a small head. It has two light brown eyes and a mouth. It's legs are fancy.


  • It could also not drink water for many days and still survive.
  • It may have relations with Shprogsel.

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