Don't Go Hack CP
Single by Greasy Spoon
from the album Beginning of Music
Released May 27th, 2009
Recorded 2009
Genre Chorus/Ballad
Length 3:52
Label Music Industry
Writer(s) Greasy Spoon
Producer Greasy Spoon
Album track listing
"This Wiki's Not the Same Without You"

Don't Go Hack CP was an enormously popular song by the obscure band, Greasy Spoon (who also made This Wiki's Not the Same Without You). As its predecessor did, this song scored number one on the music charts, then it disappeared for good.



Once in a while...
Maybe you will feel the urge...
To buy without paying the Six Dollar Law...
So you download CPT from Sanity's site,
Like Cheat Penguin or Micro's, or Plunder, or Kazaa
But deep in your heart,
You know the guilt would drive you mad,
Then the shame would leave a permanent scar,
'Cause you start hacking CP,
Then you'll break the COC...
Then selling root beer...
Then running over Members with your car!
So don't go hack CP!
The best things in life do not come free!
Go and buy Membership, like you know that you should.
Oh don't go hack CP!
Oh you don't want to mess with the fearsome PSA,
They'll ban you before you can get far.
It wouldn't matter if you're a Jacko,
or a tiny little tern,
They'll treat you like the evil, jailworthy Hacker punk you are!
So don't go hack CP!
Leave the pirating penguins where they be!
Go and buy Membership, like you know that you should.
Oh don't go hack CP!
Don't take away money from game tycoons like me...
How else could I donate ten million bucks to charity?
Or buy that HP swimming pool,
Those things don't grow on trees!
So all I ask is everybody pppplllllleeeeeeaaasssseeeee....
DON'T GO HACK CP! (no don't you do it, no!)
Even Mabel knows that it's wrong!! (and you could just ask her!)
Go and buy Membership, like you know that you should. (you really should)
So don't go hack CP! (oh please don't you do it, or you)
might wind up in jail like Walrus throngs! (remember Walrus!)
Go and buy Membership (right now!), like you know that you should. (go on and buy it!)
Oh don't go hack CP!
DON'T GO HACK CP! (na na na na na na na)
Or you'll get banned eternally! (and you deserve it!)
Go and buy Membership (just buy it!), like you know that you should........


The song recieved mixed reviews from all walks of life.

How poetic. It makes me feel sad, but then I go and hack CP, then I'm happy again.
I'm not using Penguin Storm for a while...Maybe the next 20 years or so.
Naw! Can this REALLY be a reason to quit Penguin Storm?
— Chill57181
Wow, that was mind blowing, mind changing, and just plain good for CP.
— Maddieworld
That's pretty good! Good for CP. DON'T GO HACK CP!
Show this to Sanity, it'll change his mind about the trainers.
It wont matter if you don't play...
Okay...inspiring. But not worth it.
Do you think I should draw a scene of this song, eh?

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