Devin203040506070puffle00XD is an evil wizard who was kidnapped in his childhood by the Aqueneriosius' and was taught how to be bad. After a few years of being bad, and you could even say he didn't like it, but he used it anyway. when he was an adult he bought dragon food, put it in his pocket, and took a walk to the woods. Eventually he found a dragon, and then walked away. The dragon spotted the dragon food and followed Devin203040506070puffle00XD all the way back to his lair. He named the dragon Emmity and taught it how to be bad. when Emmity was as bad as Devin203040506070puffle00XD they stole a machine made by Mart456t. Not very long after that Mart456t started handing out a golden puffle if you met him in chat. neither of them would go on chat in the first place so they tried stealing it, because if they put gold in the machine they stole from mart456t it would give them a powerful source of energy called the fiffle which could conquer anything. Devin203040506070puffle00XD and Emmity won an award for being the most evil thing alive in the CPFW Universe.

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