Dessert Island
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Dessert Island map
Dessert Island
Vital statistics
Type Sweet
Level 1-10
Location Pie Sea and Weddell Sea
Inhabitants See Below

Dessert Island is a island found in the Pie Sea and Weddell Sea. Its a great place to stop and rest on a long journey for many many penguins, or just to go there for dessert for a short while. Many penguins are sad to say that the disease Fat is indeed in Dessert Island, however, is being reduced in order. Currently, school penguins from Penguin Academy are having a field trip there.


Dessert Island was founded by two explorers, both whose names are unknown. They were sailing through the Pie Sea. Suddenly, they reliazed that there was missing something. They just can't figure out. Then, they found lots of leftover ice cream brought from Trans-Antarctica. So, dumped lots of ice cream in Pie Sea (now half is taken to Weddell Sea). Then thatgrew a huge cherry. The cherry now sits a top the Chocolate Waterfall. Currently, school penguins are visiting the area.



  • The Two Explorers
  • Emoticons,
  • Orange Puffles,
  • Penguins in the Tourism industry (Tourtists, Tour Guides etc.)
  • The disease, Fat (being reduced)
  • Jerks also live there!!! So be very careful.


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