A Demonin

 Demonins(or Demon Slaves as Barchokodo says it) are demonfied penguins that got demonfied from the Demonfier.


They are black penguins with a tail,weird-looking legs,wings,red beaks,evil eyes and are scary as heck.


  • Flying
  • Lasers(certain ones)
  • Poision(Ones that don't get lasers get this)


  • Once someone captured one and scanned them,no good was found.
  • They can be pured if beaten with ONLY YOUR FISTS or destorying the Demonfier. If you beat them with a weapon,they just transport back to hell.
  • Once a Mwa Mwa Penguin(???) saw one and beat it with a shovel(hth did it get that?),it got pured,making penguins know not to fight Demonins with Guns or Swords,but you can with shovels(again,wth). That Mwa Mwa Penguin was found and forced to eat a Nummy Cake for it's herocy.
  • Mabel(:O ) was told about 1 once and said "Even if those $^*()Ers are real,they're useless %&() who need a life". O_o.

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