The demonfier!

 The demonfier is a dangerous weapon used by HellFire. The weapon turns what it shoots into a powerful demon which obeys only HellFire and Barchokodo's commands.


  • Red things surrounding it:This is what the "fuel" is,harden demon blood,the tip is the hardest to break part,if any blood is lost,this part refuels it.
  • 2 red parts:This section holds the evil the demonfier collects,when the demonfier demonfys something,the evil is cloned and put in the section,which helps to fuel it if the hard tip somehow breaks.
  • Yellow part:This is where the good is stored,this way the demonfied victum has no good in them.
  • 2 Dark blue parts:This is where the demonfier checks how much good there is,the more good,the more the holder makes sure to keep still demonfied.
  • Light Blue Part:This is where the cloned evil and good enter.
  • Green thing with what looks like an eye:The "eye" once shoot pops out like a spike when it does a thing of crossing the victum's heart,then swirls around them then goes what looks like STRAIGHT INTO THE HEART where it enjects the good and puts in the evil,demon-making part.


  • HellFire also has little spears that work the same way as the green section.  
    Demonfier at work

    Hellfire beginning to throw a Demonfier spear at a victum,poor guy.

  • More than 1/2 of Barchokodo's army contists of demonfied victums.

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