The Death Ray, the unrespectable weapon that Herbert got and will almost kill us all. The 6 pieces of resistance can help us, if we can only get there in time.
Fire talking to Power in Code 806's episode, "The Death Ray"

The  Death Ray was faily made by Gary,he wanted to make a flower ray(god who knows why) and it failed.Herbert took it,A group of agents stopped him then Lily8763 was in charge to take care of it.

Report of usage

  • Herbert used the ray on 3 penguins,including famous agent Codename Barkley Horseshed.It was tooken for repairs to be less dangerous.
  • It was "borrowed" by some show to be used for an episode,they said they just needed to copy the thing and gave it back in a day
Death Ray

The Death Ray:Dangerous,brings death to most penguins,only some like the devil can take a hit -Agent Lily8763


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