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Dark Puffle (Moschomicrotherium atrum, latin for funny little beast dark) is a species in the Puffle Family. Evolved from normal Puffles, they are dark black, like dark black puffles, with small stripes of white fur. They prefer to hide in the shadows. Dark Puffles are neutral, never taking sides. Some are also evil, who speculate that Dark Puffles were supposed to hide to prepare to the take over Antarctica. A natural trait also noted is that they are insane but clever at the same time. Because they prefer to hide in the shadows, it is believed that there is only a few of them. A notable Dark Puffle is Lion, the leader of an army of them.


When the Puffles crashed onto Earth in a meteorite, a few left the crash site soon and adapted quickly to the Earth's biosphere. They grew sharp teeth which were used to scavenge for dead animals. Eventually they started to hunt small animals like lizards and snakes. They never hunted puffle for two reasons, one is that they're protective if one is near young and two it would be harder because of their telekinesis.

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