Very Evil!
Vital statistics
Effects Drinking it can make you very evil!
Source Invented by a few of Darktan's minons
Location Mainly Darktonian Realm, but it can be found anywhere, including your computer
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Dark-Virus is a deadly virus which spreads quickly. This virus is highly evil and will make you powerful, evil and will install some of the Shadow Amulet's power inside the consumer. However, it is usually very little since granting alot of the power will cause the consumer to die (unless you taken the X-Virus with it. In that case, the X-Antibody will die). It was invented by some of Darktan's minons but around the time of the High Penguin Confederacy and the early Khanzem era, there have been reported related cases. They are spread by Dark Parasites.


Darktan realised that not everybody


  • Ditto A
  • Ditto B
  • A fully grown Doom Weed (you may need two)
  • Some Jam
  • Some butter
  • Somthing worth more than 10 pebbles
  • A test tube/a container

Extra Ingrediants

You can add these if you want

How to make

Don't try this at home, chicks. In fact, no one should try it

  • Mix the Ditto's together. You can add some Jam now but don't add all of it.
  • Put in all of the butter. Add the Doom Weed. However, if your over 25 years old or your test subject is, then add two. If the consumer is under 25 and you add two, then your test subject or you will die unless you've got the X-Virus, in that case the X-Virus Antibody will die. If you/the test subject is over 25 and you add three or more doom weeds, then then you'll die.
  • Put in the Jam in that item worth more than 10 pebbals. Add to the mixture.
  • The item that is worth more then you know what will disentigrate. Now, put the mixture in the microwave for 3 hours.
  • Now, give to yourself/test subject/leave it in a ramdom place/poisan somone.


Add info


  1. The Dark Parasite will choose a host. Once he's found a host, he'll begin by destroying all other viruses, as they could interfere with the process. The X-Virus can't be destroyed.
  1. The Parasite will change the emotions and personalities of the host by attacking the brain.
  1. The host will begin to commit minor crimes, like grafiti art or vandalism (breaking windows, etc)
  1. The host will loose control over themselves. The Parasite, still in the brain, has fall control.
  1. This is weird; Darktan or Nightmare will have small power over the parasite. Darktan or Nightmare can't make them do evil, but they can be used ammusement.
  1. The Parasite destroys all remnants of good inside the body. Finaly, the parasite attacks the whole body, causing alot of pain. However, if the host is infected with the X-Virus, the parasite will cause symtom five of the X-Virus at this stage. Darktan or Nightmare can now fully manipulate the antibody or the host and they can do evil deeds.


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