Daire Island
Daire Isle
MottoThis land is our land!
AnthemProgrammmer Save the Queen
Royal anthemProgrammer Save the Queen
A map of the Isle with provinces.
Largest city Bhlainséir
Official languages Free Republic English, Irish
Recognised regional languages Penguinian (South Isle)
Species  Penguins, Rare Puffles
Demonym Dariean (Pronounced DAY-RY-AN)
Government Absolute Monarchy
 -  Queen Miranda II
 -  Total 19,774.23 km2 
7,635 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 20%
 -  2006 census 2,292,939 
Currency Dranen (DRN)
Drives on the Left
Calling code 423
Footnotes A Tropical Island.

Daire Isle (Pronouced DY-REH ILE) is an independant country, not even a free republic, and it is not in the USA. It is divided into four provinces. Daire Isle is completely tropical, and home to many Rare Puffles and birds. It lies far north of Maps Island, the northernmost Island in the USA.


In ancient times, way before the High Penguin Confederacy, Daire Isle was occupied by five major tribes, of which the tribe of Daihrea (Pronounced DA-RAY-A) rose to dominance and gave Daire Isle its name. The tribes of Daire Isle were united by Úgaine Mor (Hugony, the Great), who built a castle of rock, a rare thing at the time, as most were made of sand or snow.

By the 8th century, Daihrea had split into two dynasties:

  • Northern dynasty: Murchad mac Brain, joint leader of the Daireah
  • Southern dynasty: Áed mac Colggen, joint leader of the Daireah.


The country's currency is the Dranan, noted as DRN. It is worth twice as much as the USA pebble.


The country speaks Free Republic English and Irish as its official languages, though the Freezelandian Penguinian is also quite common to hear.



A map of the Island.

It is divided into four provinces, Lucan, in the south-west, Rathdown, south-east, Griffeen, North, and Tamhlacht, in the east.


The only official city in Daire Isle is Tamhlacht, the capital. However, the Greater Tamhlacht Area (GTA) has a total population of 1,661,185 (2006) with some of its larger urban areas comprising of many suburbs.


A ring of coastal mountains surrounds low central plains. The highest peak is Corrán Ual. The River Daire, at 386 km (240 miles) is the longest river. The island is home to much tropical plants and trees. It is altogether warm and sunny.


It is a direct monarchy, with Miranda II as absolute leader. She is a gentle queen, but she does know when to punish.





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