Crazed image
crazed in the forest
Vital statistics
Title Crazed The Ninja
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Ninja
Health Un-harmed
Level Master Class
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Crazed is an evil penguin and a ninja. He can turn invisible when ever he wants, even when moving. His invisibility power can help him to steal things. He is currently trying to steal the Ninja Emerald. Metalmanager is the only one to have spotted him, he only appears for about 5 seconds in every room, but, no one else has succeded because no one can find out a pattern in where he goes.


Crazed comes from Fire Island located in Pengydeen. He lived in a gray igloo with a dojo-like floor. He also had Card Jitsu mats to train sometimes. And he wasn't alone, he had a pet fish called dusk.



crazed's player card

Crazed is thought to be a regular ninja, but, he's what they call a "Perfect Ninja". He is one because when he was on Fire Island he was trained by one and only Gornan. Of course, during training, he tried to take the Ninja Emerald


  • He is a Ninja.
  • He continues to try and take the Ninja Emerald.
  • He's from Fire Island.
  • He was trained on Fire Island by Gornan.
  • He has a worst enemy.

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