Vital statistics
Title Cookie!
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Loves cookies
Health Healthy
Level 5
Status Manafacturing Cookies
Location Cookie Island

Cookie is the older brother of Rookie and loves to eat cookies. He is lime green with a blue propeller cap, and blue sunglasses. He is the main shareholder/chairman of CookieMakers Inc.. and the only shareholder of CookieBookie Inc.


Cookie hatched in Cookie Island in 2003. Cookie first started CookieMakers Inc., with helpers Musa and Kiki (both twin sisters from the MaryAnn Family. The three manafactured cookies to United States of Antartica, which then started a branch there. He then went to his cousin Rookie to discuss matters about Cookie being sold to their island, and asked his cousin Kookie to help him. Soon, Bookie gave him tips about manafacturing them in the state of Trans-Antarctica. He then became a middle-class penguin and started buying Cookies4Penguin. He now manafactures cookies to puffles, penguins and much more.


He is the current Chairman of the company CookieMakers Inc.


  • It is said that he was once an agent in PSA, like Rookie.


Rookie coins

How much coins Cookie gets because he works in McFlippers

Silly Rookie!

Cookie's trick to Rookie when he is sleeping. (Cookie took of Rookie's glasses and hat and replaced it with a fishbowl!)

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