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The Convention Hall of Old Town, or formerly reffered to as Convention Hall of Virgin Town, is the official town hall of Old Town. It is a calm blue, two-story house with a flat rooftop. Many meetings and special events of the town are held here.




The hall is also the mayor's residence. He sleeps, bathes, and relaxes on the larged 2nd floor space. On the 1st floor, upon entering, is a large hallway to the left and right (without walls blocking the hall) and the hall in the front. THere are no walls, so you may see the hall clearly. The hallways on the corners of the room lead to five rooms at the back of the house and from left to right: the office, the kitchen and dining room, the toilet, the VERY VERY VERY PRIVATE SPACE and a storage room. Two rooms are placed on each side of the building while three (dining + kitchen, toilet and private) are placed in the middle. Beside the left-hand room (the office) is a stairway leading towards the second floor.


  • The Mayor, Mr. Virgin
  • His wife
  • 3 Servants



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