Code is a suspect of The Great Kidnappings taking place. He is currently being held in the EPF Station for further evidence.


When Brown the hostel owner was interviewed as a suspect of the case the man said the victim he was accused of taking had headed to Rednelp where her crush was stationed. Later that day at 5.00 pm the a pet shop care worker reported the girl missing. In Jowee (aka The Hostel Man)'s house agents found a puffle with a letter in its mouth slipping through a drain. The letter read: You are lucky. When I saw The EPF I decided to race them right away. If they hadn't won you'd be dead. The puffle was found out to be owned by a nearby citizen named Code. Code was soon taken to the EPF Station to be interviewed. His son the victim's crush was revealed to be his son. George the boy's name bravely admitted his dad had hated on him and attacked him since he was born. "While it is known Code will be sent to prison whether he is the kidnapper is unknown" reported some agents. Code's brother known as "Code 4" was soon interviewed. He also revealed his brother smacked him and his other as a child. The EPF checked his house all over but found no hint of body. When asked if he had done so Code replied "All these stories about me are lies. I did treat my brothers and son badly but no I did not abduct anyone". A later investigation took place and his puffle was missing. Agents are currently trying to find where it went.

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