This is where you can vote on which article in this wiki is worthy enough to become a Featured Article of the Week. These articles will get the templates {{FAOTW}} and {{Fa}}, and will be put in the category Category:Featured Articles.

The System

For 3 days - that will be Friday, Saturday & Sunday, users go onto a special Forum (Forum:Featured Article Vote) and everybody can nominate articles, and at the same time, users can say "I agree!" or "I vote for that too!". Then the next day the votes get counted and the FAOTW is announced on Monday and will stay Featured Article of the Week until next Monday. The winning article will get the templates {{FAOTW}} and {{Fa}} and will be listed on the Main Page as the Featured Article of the Week. Once an article has won this title, it may not be nominated ever again. In this way, we can pick the articles that the public likes, instead of all the HQAs.

Only up to 12 entries are allowed each week due to overflowing from now onwards. Each user will be allowed to vote twice. There can be a minimum of 2 entries, competing against each other.


If, by Saturday, two (or more) articles have tied for first in the votes, the contest will be decided by a tiebreaker. The other articles will be eliminated from the poll, leaving everyone else to vote for either of the top 2 (or more) articles. By dusk (at the time zone of the admin currently on), the winning article will be proclaimed as the FAOTW.

This Week's Article

This week's article is... Mayor McFlapp!

Past Articles

  1. Link
  2. South Pole Council
  3. Mabel
  4. United States of Antarctica
  5. The Troublesome Trio
  6. Quest for the Golden Waffle
  7. Penguin Aerodynamics and Space Agency
  8. Darktan
  9. Elemental Amulets
  10. Frys Chalet
  11. Billy Mays
  12. Manny Peng
  13. Maledict
  14. Underground PWN Mafia
  15. Bugzy
  16. Eve Lendfell
  17. Great Darktonian Pie War
  18. Penghis Khan
  19. Triskelle
  20. Castle Bugzy
  21. Ford Car and Link
  22. Freezeland
  23. Explorer 767
  24. Dorkugal
  25. UnitedTerra
  26. Speeddasher
  27. Tails6000
  28. Ninjinian
  29. Walrus Warehouse
  30. Willy the Penguin
  31. Metalmanager
  32. Willie Watt
  33. Flywish
  34. Maddieworld
  35. Fire Sensei
  36. Jenni
  37. Nightmare
  38. King of Sorrow
  39. X-Virus
  40. Bureau of Fiction
  41. Terrain Spy Union
  42. TurtleShroom (penguin)
  43. Kwiksilver
  44. Winston
  45. Zone
  46. GoGo Battlecards!
  47. Austin8310
  48. Director Benny
  49. Illustrator Keith
  50. BOSS XeXeXe
  51. Robert O'vian
  52. Akbaboy
  53. Penguin Kart (game)
  54. Fudd Lapooh
  55. Sapie Brothers
  56. Captain Jack Penguin
  57. Great Wishing Hun Conflict
  58. Club Penguin Island
  59. Arctic Wolves
  60. Knicicle
  61. Liguria
  62. Snoss Army
  63. Finestade Land
  64. Tesa Devecter
  65. Sancho Monte Captio
  66. Nex
  67. Deathfin
  68. Mayor McFlapp

Voting Time!

You can vote at this forum for the Featured Article of the Week! If it's not time to vote, nominate the article you want to win at the same forum.

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