This page is used to tell visitors all about the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. Style: Texan.


Howdy Ya'll! (spit, DING!) Welcome to the high-ridin'est, rootin' tootin'est Wiki around, the CLUB PENGUIN FANON WIKI!!!

My name's Cowboy Silver, and I'll be showing ya'll round the biggest wiki about Club Penguin EVER! It's run by the mighty fine BOSS, which I'm privileged to be a part of!

First, I'll be tellin' ya'll about that there Sidebar. Do ya see it, on the left there? Good-o. It's mighty handy for when ya'll wanna go places quick! Lemme show you the options:

  • CLUB PENGUIN FANON WIKI-This link'll take ya'll to our main page, where we post announcements, absences, awards and heaps more!
  • NAVIGATION - Check out our database, I can on'y hope it's whisker-lickin' good!
  • COMMUNITY - Fun stuff like User of the Week, Wiki Contests, our tools, and the Omnibus, a place where ya'll can pick up a story another user has put up for adoption!
  • MAINTENANCE - Where the real herding gets done. Here we split, delete, merge, adopt and improve articles to keep the database up to scratch!
  • SITE POLICIES - We've got rules on this here wiki on Death, editing styles, and what to do when vandals attack! I'd recommend reading the COC and That's Death! before ya'll start editing, ya hear?
  • COUNTRIES IN FANON - Visit our countries in the Fanon Universe!
  • CHARACTERS IN FANON - Pranksters, Ninjas and talkin' hairballs all have a part in this wacky world!
  • TOPICS IN FANON - Check out our stuff! We've got more than snow and ice!
  • DO YOUR PART - This is where you come in, little buddy. We need you to expand our runty articles, and y'know what? You get to keep them as your own! But hurry, you've only got till August, that's when they all get deleted!
  • PLAY CP - Play the game that inspired this wiki.
  • RECENT CHANGES - Show's who's changin' what, when and why.
  • WIKIS - Take a gander at our sister wikis, all related to Club Penguin!
  • FANON IRC - The real deal chat room, used by the wiki's elite as a place to discuss ideas, policies, or just gab away.
  • WIKI FORUM - We've got a forum, ya hear? Create an account and join the gang!

There's heaps 'o widgets ya'll can add by changing your preferences, such as the Shout Box and more! Just click the "See More" button in the top right-hand corner.

Welcome to the family, pardner! Take off your spurs, settle in, and relax. We're all available for help if need be, just post a new message on a user's talk page, got it?

Happy editing, enjoy your stay, and please, take a leaflet. :)

Cowboy Silver, BOSS member and maintenance man.

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