About the game

Aunt Arctic has stumbled across a new land of snow! New penguins!

Penguin Types

The Penguin- Normal Penguin. Throws snowballs.

Robopenguin- Abnormal Penguin. Throws Remote Control Snowballs.

Citadel Guardian Penguin- Special Penguin. Shoots cages or crystal snowballs



Yellow Supreme Puffle- Can join in a game of Penguin Law Wars

Clown Puffle

Diva Puffle- Can join in a game of The Singing Penguins


Penguin City- Normal home of the penguins. Igloo Village in here.

Crack Municipality- Few penguins are in here.


Penguin City-

Aloha Cove- Upgraded version of the cove. Games below.

Town- Original starting point. Games below.

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