Club Penguin: Animated Adventures is a Canadian-British-American children's animated series co-developed by RocketSnail Productions and Disney Television Animation. It premiered around 2009/2010 as part of a promotion set for the MMO (massively multiplayer online game) it's based on, Club Penguin. The show was originally made for a 5-13 year old audience, and it covers most, if not all of the classic game's history.


The original story takes place on October 2005, and it's about the adventures of a young boy named Zack Maddox, his younger sister Krista, and his two best friends, Declan Andersen and Cara Peng, as they try to survive being at Antarctica, a continent they were dropped off to while arriving at the wrong destination for their field trip at Turin, which is about studying the facts of the 2006 Winter Olympics. When these human kids meet up with penguin residents of Antarctica, discoveries, observations of the Island habitats, and adventures await them when Club Penguin Island is formed!

Later on during the 2nd part of the 3rd Season, a new neighbor girl on the block named Marley Burnham moves in next to Zack and Krista's house and soon joins the group after being convinced by Zack to be friends with them along with Declan and Cara, and their other good friends by her side as well.

Human characters

  • Zackary "Zack" Gil Maddox-The lead character. He is a courageous, energetic, and fun-loving 7-year old who is always ready to take on his latest challenges. Having a big heart, Zack enthusiastically shows his emotions and devotions to people if they are in some type of major condition. He also loves to befriend animals and various other creatures. He's also the oldest of the group.
  • Declan Malachi Andersen-A 6-year old who is willing to change and make the world a safer and better place by being a helpful tutor to his fellow friends and raising money for his famous scientific projects. He is known as the "planner" and "scientist" of the group due to his passion for mystery solving and other studious subjects.
  • Cara Bree Peng-A 6-year old who is very interested in creative pursuits and various types of arts. Having an interesting point of view, Cara is considered an admiring role model and a useful tutor for standing up for her destiny because she cares about her closest friends who empathetically follow her. After visting Club Penguin Island for the first time, she is now an adventure seeker who is always willing to be adventurous and daring on new thrills and missions. She is also part of a running gag, which involves her staring suspiciously at most penguins she meets.
  • Krista Theresa Maddox-Zack's younger sister who is 4-years old. She is a mood swinger, actively following her dream to become a heroic "Princess Agent", like the character from her favorite cartoon, "Heisting Rookie Rebels". Despite her being the youngest and her older brother being the leader of the group, she mostly commands the group on where their next destinations are.
  • Marley Joanne Burnham
  • Carter-A part-time explorer and construction helper who is the leader of a worldbuilding crew. He often aids Zack, Declan, Cara, and Krista whenever they visit Club Penguin Island. He has 9 partners, and calls them "Brothers" since he works with them almost every day. Their names are;
    • Everett-Also a Co-pilot of the crew's helicopter.
    • Ford
    • Brady
    • Dino
    • Smith
    • Byron
    • Travis
    • Harrison
    • James
  • Mr. Wakey-A helicopter pilot who takes Carter and his crew to places that they need to work at.
  • Colette-One of Zack, Declan, and Cara's classmates in Ms. Eleanor's class.
  • Adam-One of Zack, Declan, and Cara's classmates in Ms. Eleanor's class.
  • Noah-One of Zack, Declan, and Cara's classmates in Ms. Eleanor's class. He first appears in Season 2 as a transfer student. He comes from Montreal, and is quite fluent in Canadian French, English, and Swedish.
  • Blake
  • Faith "Faye"
  • Mrs. Maddox-Zack and Krista's mother.
  • Mr. Maddox-Zack and Krista's father.
  • Ms. Eleanor-A 1st Grade Teacher. Zack, Declan, and Cara are part of her class.

Penguin characters

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Main cast members
John Paul Ruttan
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Jane Carr
John Paul Ruttan Michael Strusievici Dalila Bela Brianna D'Aguanno Megan Charpentier Wallace Shawn Jane Carr
Zack Maddox Declan Andersen Cara Peng Krista Maddox Marley Burnham Gary the Gadget Guy Aunt Arctic President Flipperbob Arctic A.K.A "Uncle Flipperbob"
Recurring cast members
Cast dee bradley baker
Disney XD Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil iq8XeFfnOJel
Kat Cressida 1
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Richard scruffy-93-800-600-80
Tara Strong by Gage Skidmore
Shawn Ashmore Nigel Pilkington Dee Bradley Baker Charlie Schlatter Kat Cressida Mona Marshall Richard Horvitz Leigh-Allyn Baker
Carter Cato Arctic A.K.A "Mr. Tour-folk" Waddlin Güino, Puffles, various creatures. Rory Beta Finley Eudy Viola
Minor cast members
Jason Earles 2010 Primetime Creative Arts Qu1u8DSC-kgl
Stephanie Lemelin9
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Fred Savage Jason Earles Stephanie Lemelin Rider Strong Hynden Walch Will Friedle Sherry Lynn Wendy Calio
Pendleton Jacoby Casey Damien Petal Mac Tia Flora
Dave Foley
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Michael Banyaer
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Dave Foley David Kaye Rino Romano Michael Benyaer Nathan Fillion Vincent Corazza Will Sasso A.J. Buckley Ben Savage
Everett Ford Brady Dino Smith Byron Travis Harrison James

Other cast members

  • Martin Short as Mr. Wakey
  • Megan Follows as Mrs. Maddox
  • Brendan Fraser as Mr. Maddox
  • Sabrina Grdevich as Ms. Eleanor
  • Amariah Faulkner as Colette/Blonde female student
  • Vincent Messina as Noah
  • Jake Beale as Adam/Fat Redhead boy
  • Michael Ironside as Drunk Helicopter Pilot
  • Nancy Cartwright as Toy Bobbie Whiskie
  • Sean Kyer as Blake
  • Riele Downs as Faye


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